Friday, March 23, 2018


Donna Daniels as Rosie Flack in Windfall Theatre's production of DANCING WITH HAMLET by Deanna Strasse

Josh Scheibe as Wilde Flack, Melody Lopac as Elvira Flack and Cory Jefferson Hagen as Beau Flack
in Windfall Theatre's production of DANCING WITH HAMLET by Deanna Strasse

.....The acting on the part of all the characters is stunning. Cory Jefferson Hagen is the family peacemaker and voice of reason as the oldest son Beau.  Josh Scheibe, as the family rebel Wilde, stirs things up, determined to sabotage his mother’s plans; Melody Lopac, the complex, conflicted daughter Elvira, like Hamlet, ruminates a lot; Donna Daniels, as the tempestuous Rosie, renders her as strong, demanding and easily unglued; her partner-to-be Tony Simms, beautifully rendered by Emmit Morgans, is multi-dimensional, showing different sides of himself depending on his audience; and lastly, Amanda  J. Hull, the kindly, concerned neighbor, is probably the most stable character in the whole bunch.  The touching scene between her and Tony is one of the most revealing and surprising scenes in the entire play.
It was fascinating to watch things unfold in the few days we spent with this family. Will anything get resolved in a fashion that satisfies everyone, or anyone, for that matter?  Stay tuned.
Well directed by Carol Zippel of Windfall Theatre who is using  Brumder’s intimate space for this production.  It is a perfect fit on all counts. Well-designed set by Amanda J. Hull as well.
Julie McHale, Waukesha Freeman

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